Our dogs

With a highly selected breeding program, nowadays we have 3 bitches:

Our foundation bitch: CIB, JCH Ch., Ch Show Ch., Ch. Ch., It Ch., NL Ch. BE Ch., D (VDH) Ch., BeneluxWinner ’17, NDDC Doggen Gala BIS, BDDC BIS, Frühjarhssieger 2018 Phillys – F dei Cinegeti aka Sahara

Some numbers about our Sahara:






Her daughter, BISS NDDC 20, CH JCh Creed Danes’ A Star from Sahara aka Sonora

Some numbers about our Sonora:





Creed Dane’s Blondes Have More Fun


Memphis Belle Dauberer (Memphis is an adorable gread dane, awesome companion, but not part of our breeding program).

DOB: 09/08/2014

Dakota Dauberer (Dakota is a rescue. She is a double merle, deaf and partially blind that came to join our family, but is not part of our breeding program).

And the leader of the pack: Ivy, the West Highland White Terrier

In Memorian

Our beloved ones that will live forever in my heart. Below you can see the dogs we have had the pleasure of having in our lives over the last years. 

Quartzo of Wolvesland aka Aretha

Mel Alladone aka Savannah

Andara Sunrise aka Handara

Ursula vom Neustein aka Venezia